Our Mission

Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to supporting public policy initiatives that promote social justice and equality.


Diversity and teamwork: ALAPA is made up of a group of diverse people joining hands!
A united multiracial society and multicultural community working as a team building togetherness.

Our Services

We are committed to addressing the unique challenges faced by people of color while highlighting the unique cultural contributions of Afro Latinos. Policy in areas such as housing rights, immigration rights, environmental rights, and reducing hunger are addressed by us to provide support for those in need. At ALAPA, we believe in fostering positive change through advocacy, education, and community empowerment.


Here is a list of the key points of ALAPA’s Overall action plan:

    1. Advocacy and Policy Development: We actively engage in advocacy efforts to promote policies that address the specific needs and challenges faced by Afro-Latin communities. Through research, policy analysis, and coalition building, we work to influence decision-making processes at local, regional, and national level.
    2. Community Organizing and Outreach: We engage in community organizing activities to empower Afro-Latin individuals and communities. Through grassroots initiatives, we encourage active participation, facilitate dialogue, and create spaces for collaboration and mutual support.
    3. Cultural Events and Celebrations: We organize public and private events that showcase Afro-Latin culture, heritage, and artistic expressions. These events provide opportunities for the wider community to learn about and engage with Afro-Latin traditions, fostering a sense of unity and promoting cross-cultural understanding.
    4. Resource Center: We serve as a central resource hub for Afro-Latin communities, providing accessible educational materials, publications, and online resources. Our resource center offers information on Afro-Latin history, social issues, activism, and cultural preservation, promoting self-education and empowerment.
    5. Collaborative Partnerships: We actively seek collaborations with other organizations, institutions, and individuals who share our mission and values. By fostering partnerships, we can strengthen our collective efforts, amplify our impact, and create a network of support for Afro-Latin communities.
    6. Leadership Development: We offer leadership development programs and mentorship opportunities for emerging Afro-Latin leaders. By nurturing and empowering transformative leaders, we aim to build a strong and sustainable movement for social change within Afro-Latin communities.
    7. Research and Documentation: We conduct research and documentation initiatives to preserve and promote Afro-Latin history, culture, and contributions. By documenting our stories, experiences, and achievements, we contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the Afro-Latin Diaspora.
    8. Policy Advocacy Training: We provide training programs and workshops to equip community members with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective policy advocacy. These training sessions empower individuals to advocate.


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