Video credit: Alyson Velez Ossorio

Issues & Actions

Voting – Protect and strengthen the Voting Rights Act by working on initiatives to increase voter turnout and citizen participation in elections.


Immigration – Support for the Dream Act, no unjust deportations of non-citizens residing in the US, health coverage for non-citizens, and increased voter accessibility for non-citizens for municipal, state, and federal elections.


Education – More resources to provide change-making results to change the cycle of poverty in communities of color. Additional funding for extracurricular programs for academics and extracurricular activities to increase graduation rates and success of students.


Criminal Justice – Advocate on behalf of families who are unjustly victimized. Support the engagement of community policing (increasing the dialogue of police officers and community groups) and recruitment of people of color to law enforcement.


Economic Development – Create and support programs and policy initiatives working on increasing job and career opportunities for communities of color.

Health – Providing community leadership for health education of residents to offer healthy nutrition and fitness information and increase the amount of poor people and people of color to be insured.


Afro-Latino Association for Policy & Advocacy: Transformative Leadership for Communities


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